Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Easter Bunnies Story

After writing the first post on your first blog on your Birthday, what else can you do? Of course to post the second one! Well, I'm somehow forced to do it, so I'll be quick about it.

Here is my last 24 page comic. It surely doesn't look very nice graphically, but that has a reason. It's the result of the 24H Comic event that took place in Leipzig, Germany. What is this 24H Comic about? Search about Scott McCloud, who invented it. In 24h you are supposed to do 24 pages of comic. Don't know if you can imagine the amount of hard work, stress and unsleep zombie you become, unless you try it for yourselves. It definitely worth!
I've been there with Vera. You can read her 24H comic on 12forever, blog linked.

So here is the "Happy Easter Bunnies Story":


What else can you ask for your Birthday instead of writing your first post on your first blog ever. Well... almost everything else. But obviously, this is not the case, cause here I am, writing on my first post of my first blog on Birthday. Lovely!

Soo... what should my first post be about. Since I'm trying to become a professional comic artist (two weeks ago I was sure that I already was) I'll post some sequential art. And although I was tented to start with my first comics (actually mangas, but I'll use "comic" as a general term from now on), I'll start with what I think it represents a great turn in the way I do, think and tell a story in a comic. Of course I made some other better turns from then on, as I'll hoppefully do from now on, but this I find to be the first important one.

So here is "Jump!" a one shot manga, made for the Romanian Otaku Creatures.